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Five Two - General Fund Five Two - General Fund General Accepting Donations

Our Mission

The mission of Five Two Foundation is to multiply God’s resources for the common good. Our name is derived from the story of Jesus feeding the multitude with five loaves and two fish.

Our History

We started Five Two thinking that we would run our own projects, build orphanages, and provide safe drinking water by digging wells. For our first project, we were able to raise $30,000 to rebuild orphanages and to dig wells to provide clean drinking water to thousands in Orissa, India. Although we did good work, it wasn’t our calling. Somewhere along the way, we realized that what we really should have been doing was helping other ministries raise funds for their projects. Our calling is to be a multiplier of resources. So we built a platform for fundraising and named it GrassRoot.

Five Two Foundation is a registered nonprofit based in Seoul, South Korea. We are currently working out of Jubilee Church, who generously provides us with free office space and coffee.

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Family Advocacy Network Family Advocacy Network Projects 132% of $50,000 raised

The vision of the Family Advocacy Network (FAN) is to support vulnerable women and children; by arranging necessary support from a network of people and organizations with similar missions and calling in order to help those vulnerable women and provide training and accountability to ensure their children’s care.

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Mongol Kids' Home - Support Mongolian Manhole Children Mongol Kids' Home - Support Mongolian Manhole Children Projects 13% of $130,000 raised

English  (日本語は下にあります。)


< The First Encounter, the NHK program>
Dr. Eiko Takamizawa (Rev.) first realized the existence of the manhole children in Mongolia through NHK’s (Japanese public TV broadcasting system) TV programming in 1998.  She was so sad to see such a difficult life of the manhole children and hoped to do something for their safety, but could not do so as a student in a seminary. She prayed, "Someday, let me do something for these kids without family! "

< Who are Manhole Children?>
Mongolia, the home of Genghis Khan, is known as the country of “Blue Sky” with their capital Ulaanbaatar has an average of 257 cloudless days a year. However, it has very long, cold and severe winter between September and March, with an average temperature of -30℃(or -22℉).  
Through the TV programming, we’ve learned that the Manhole Children started to appear in the city of Ulaanbaatar since 1992 and once was estimated over 4,000 children lived under city’s manholes. The manhole was the only option for those ignored children to survive because of the Heating Pipe Systems installed underneath. They were mainly abandoned by their parents who are often alcoholic and sent out to make money for their family without given a shelter to live. These children were officially not recognized by Mongolian government and therefore, they have neither Medicare, Welfare nor Identification. They can eat food found from the street, given by someone or stolen.

< 2nd NHK Program, "Manhole Children after 10 Years>  
In 2017, Dr.Eiko has discovered another TV programming called “Manhole Children after 10 Years” broadcasted by NHK in 2008. She was astonished to see those manhole children who were on the previous TV programming, Boldo, Dasha, and Oyuna, lived through and survived under those severe conditions. However, their lives were still in such difficult situation with individual “issues” of alcoholism, violence, 3D jobs, and suicidal thoughts added. 10 years of neglect from government, societies, Church, and individuals including myself, just made their lives more miserable and difficult.

<1st Step>
Dr.Eiko could not ignore any longer and started to pray for them again. She was convicted by the passage from Mathew 25:42-43. Next day she shared her burden with her student from Mongolia. Then the Mongolian student shared that Boldo, one of the 3 kids in the NHK program, was baptized by him!  Boldo is now attending his Church in Ulaanbaatar!

As she came to know that his Church in UB is willing to start a ministry for manhole children, Dr. Eiko has started to make an appeal to her friends, pastors, students and literally everyone she meets in Japan, US, Korea and other Asian nations.

<Project "Mongol Kids' Home: Support Manhole Children began!>
This project was launched in March 2018 with those people who care about those abandoned and ignored children in Mongolia. Each member sharing the same Vision and Mission with a common goal to rescue Mongolian Manhole Children, now! (This is unilateral Non-Profit Global Child Rescuing Project created by a group of volunteers worldwide.) Your kind and warm participation are much appreciated. God Bless You and the Manhole Children in Mongolia!
Rescue Manhole Children in Mongolia by providing a safe home-like environment so that each child will maximize the gifts of life and talents for the community, society and the world!  

Provide Shelter, Food, and Education to those “abandoned” manhole children in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.      

- Rescue:  provide a safe and clean home with a bed, food, in a family-like environment.
- Restore:  Provide basic life training, education, and counseling in a family-like environment.  
-       Nurturing:  provide opportunities to develop their gifts and talents to become independent
        persons who can contribute to the community, society and the world.
-       Prevent: Support adult alcoholic recovery programs and education toward adults

−  Promote funding financial scheme worldwide to raise the Project Fund.

- The first pilot case of a group home in Ulaanbaatar as a ministry of The Glory of Lord
        Community Church by winter, 2018.
-       Build 2 Group Homes (for Boys & Girls) for the Manhole Children in
       Ulaanbaatar before the winter, 2019.
- Recruit and Train Mongolian volunteers to take over this initiative to
       continue support Manhole Children after the 3 years OJT training.    
- Establish a Global Foundation to support this Project financially for the
       next 3-year period and thereafter.







先ず心に浮かんだのは、この番組が追った三人に是非会いたい、ということした。しかしモンゴルの人口は3百万人、住所もIDもないこの人たちをどうやって捜すことができるでしょう。悲観的な気持ちでしたが、とにかく祈りました。祈りのパートナーにも頼んで一緒に祈ってもらいました。翌日、私の勤務する大学にいたモンゴル人の学生を呼び出して事情を聞いてもらったのです。すると、なんと、「僕の教会にアルコール依存から解放された男がいて、以前テレビにでたことがあると言っていましたよ。」と言うのです!名前を聞いたらボルド、同じ名前です! まさか、わずか一日で彼らと繋がれることなどあり得ないと疑いました。それで写真をモンゴルから送ってもらったら、そこにはまさしく3人のうちの一人、ボルドが映っているではありませんか! 感激すると同時に神様が今何かをはじめよ、という促しを感じました。さっそくこの学生牧師を通してモンゴルとのやり取りが始まり、オユナとダシャの消息も聞くことができました。ダシャは今新しい家族をもって子供3人とゲルで生活をしていること、相変わらずゴミ回収の仕事で家族を養っていること、そしてもう一人の女の子オユナは残念ながらすでに他界していることを聞きました。オユナを思って心がとても痛みました。 二人目のオユナをだしてはいけない、そんな思いに駆られました。

せめてダシャに、そして今もまだマンホールに暮らす子供たちに、二つのメッセージを届けたい、という思いが湧きました。「あなたは自分の父親に見捨てられたと思っているでしょう? いいえ、天に本当のお父さんがいて、あなたを愛し、すばらしい将来と希望を与える計画をもっていてくれるのですよ!」そしてもう一つは「世界中だれも自分のことなど心配してくれる人などいない、と思っているでしょう? いいえ、私の友人達が日本から韓国から、アジアの国から、たくさん今あなたのために祈ってくれていますよ!」という二つのメッセージです。

そして、今もマンホールに暮らしている子供たちに、なんとか安心して眠れる暖かい場所を提供したい、という願いが起こりました。放映された番組の中では当時4000人の子供がマンホールに生活している、と言っていましたが、今ではその数が激減しているということです。理由はひとつには国家の対策として孤児院がたてられたことや世界のNGOの施設の設立も有りますが、4000人は収容できないこととは一目瞭然です。それなのに数が減っている理由はなにかというと、悲しいことに多くの子供たちが人身売買の犠牲になっている、というのです! 今まだ少なくとも100人くらいの子供たちがマンホールに暮らしていると聞いて、少しでも早く、一人でも多く、次ぎの冬が来る前に安全な場所をつくらなくては、と考えるに至りました。

II. 初めてのモンゴル訪問



ガナ牧師が創立し、牧会してきた「主の栄光教会」は2018年現在会員は70名前後で、子供からお年寄りまでいるバランスのとれた教会です。若者もいろんな活動に積極的に参加して教会を支えていました。アルコール依存者のための回復のミニストリーとしてのグループホームもボランティアによってとても良くすすめられていました。実はボルドはこの働きの初穂だそうです。また、親が投獄されている子供たちのためのプログラムなども携わっており社会参与をよくしている健康的な教会だと思いました。毎週礼拝にはアルコール依存者のためのグループホームから10人近く参加しており、この教会がこの面でも マンホールの子供達の働きを始めるのは、これらの働きをしていない教会よりも準備ができているのではないかと思いました。

III. プロジェクトの構想

「モンゴルのマンホールチルドレンに 安心して休める場所、生活訓練を受けられ、将来の自立を目指した学びの場所を、モンゴルの教会を通してつくりあげる。」

当初はシェルターもしくは孤児院のような施設を考えたのですが、大きな建物を作った場合その管理と維持がむずかしく、結局はモンゴルの教会に負担になる可能性があるという心配がありました。モンゴルに20年以上仕えているP宣教師の助言を受けて、グループホームのような規模の家庭的な雰囲気をもったミニストリーへと方向性を変えて、プロジェクを考えてみました。この方向だと、子供達には親近感と生活訓練を合わせたホームを提供できること 、また、モンゴルの教会にとっても海外からのサポートが終わった場合も管理維持が可能であるので、この構想が与えられたとき、心の負担がとても楽になりました。それだけでなく、子供達が寝る場所だけでなく、 家庭のような雰囲気のある環境で、生活の訓練と学びの場所をもてるので、より一人一人に目を留めたケアを目指せるのではないかと、可能性が見えてきました。この方法で進めるためには、スペシャリストの招聘と、ボランティアの訓練、また適切な家のような場所探しと、内装の準備などが必要だということです。










IV 私たちができる事

• モンゴルのホームレスの子供のためのお祈りをしてくださる方の名前と連絡先のリストを作り、祈りの課題を提供していく。

• 日本国内で振り込みのできる口座を助けてくれる団体をさがしています。


V 必要な資金

世話人・副世話人の訓練費用 (1ヶ月 x 12
世話人・副世話人の奉仕費用 (1ヶ月 x12)
施設管理 安全管理

グループホーム 新規2軒分 (合計3軒)
世話人・副世話人の訓練費用 (1ヶ月x4人x36ヶ月) 
施設管理 安全管理


VI  祈りの課題

1. 関わる全員が神様の御心を求め、聖霊の導きに従って 一人一人に与えられた役割を担うように。
2. マンホール・チルドレンが神様に与えられた人生を最高に生きることができるように。
3. プロジェクトに必要な人材・資財が備えられるように。特にホームレスの子供のケアのスペシャリストとそれを支えるモンゴル人奉仕者たちが与えられるように。
4. 主の栄光教会とこれに関わるすべての教会が祝されるように。
5. このプロジェクトを通して神様の栄光が表されるように!


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Soo Jung Pak Soo Jung Pak Individuals 76% of $24,000 raised

God sent me here in October 2014 after giving me a heart originally for our neighbors more than 10 years ago. Over the years, he had put me into contact with different NGO's, ministries and individuals with a similar interest and heart. On a trip here prior to my move, he expanded my vision and gave me a conviction that my calling was for this entire peninsula. During my time here, I have met many brothers and sisters who share a common heart, vision and conviction for a whole nation. I have been working with others from different churches and organizations to build unity amongst the ministries, to mobilize resources and people, to provide support to fieldworkers, to provide training and education, prayer movements, shifting the understanding and perspectives of the peninsular issues here and abroad, and looking for opportunities to partner with the churches here.

I had the opportunity to visit in 2015 through an organization that provides humanitarian aide, and I believe I'm to be a bridge there and here, as well as being an intercessor. There is brokenness in this entire country and in order for there to be reunification, much needs to be done here for this to happen... We are hoping that the door will be open again soon. In addition, I had helped to organize a Prayer Unity Day on 8/15/16 with several churches represented and we hope to continue to do this annually and to expand this.  I also assisted with two Lausanne Consultations which brought together  professionals from all over the world with diverse backgrounds that represent all aspects of engagement working towards reconciliation here.

I am working with another NGO to mobilize the church to pray for the peninsula, to prepare people for missions through training, and to raise awareness through informed research. I helped to plan, organize and execute a weekly prayer gathering in the fall of 2018 bringing together all parts of the body. In the fall 2019, I organized and oversaw a prayer/bible study consisting of Korean young adults. We are now planning for the next 7 years to establish a Center to house different ministries for further collaboration and to equip young adults and professionals to be workers inside. I will the the Center's Collaboration Coordinator and will be overseeing prayer for the Center and within the NGO.  I am excited to see what God will do and that I get to be part of it! You are on this journey with me as well! Thank you for your prayers and financial support!! Without these, I could not accomplish any of these! Thank you for your partnership!!

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Wang and Jenny in Taiwan Wang and Jenny in Taiwan Individuals $4,963 raised

Wang has served as the Associate Pastor of Youngnak International Worship in English from November of 2013 to January of 2016. He originally studied Biology, thinking to pursue Medicine. However, God brought him back to Korea, where he graduated from Torch Trinity Graduate University (formerly Torch Trinity Graduate School of Theology) in 2012 with an M.Div - Intercultural Studies concentration, and met his wife, Jenny, who was the first and only student from Taiwan.

Wang has been serving as an administrator, a translator, an editor, and an English teacher for several years. He also has been a part of a number of church plants in the United States and in Korea, serving as multi-purpose staff/volunteer. He was ordained through Korea Association of Independent Churches And Missions (KAICAM) in November of 2013.

Wang and Jenny, have a vision for pastoral and educational ministry in Taiwan, and they relocated to Taoyuan, Taiwan--Jenny's hometown--in February of 2016, where Wang studied Mandarin Chinese language for two semesters. In November of 2016, Wang joined Bread of Life International, one of the largest English ministries in Taipei as their executive pastor. Wang served with Bread of Life International until December of 2017.

Since 2018, Wang and Jenny have been taking on one-on-one Bible studies with various people God brought into their lives, and as a result of such opportunities, they were able to start a Sunday gathering of mostly non-believers, teaching them the basics of Christianity with the long-term objective of establishing a house church with this group of people.

In the long-run, Wang and Jenny hope to reach out not only to Taiwan, but to other nations all over the world, bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

이왕우 목사는 2013년 11월부터 2016년 1월까지 영락교회 국제예배부 부교역자로 섬겼습니다. 학부 전공이 생물학으로, 의사가 될 꿈을 키웠었지만, 하나님께서 본토인 한국으로 인도하셨고, 2012년 횃불 트리니티 신학대학원대학교에서 선교사역 집중 목회학 석사를 마치게 하셨습니다. 그리고, 2013년 6월, 대만에서 온 횃불 트리니티 신학대학원대학교 학생인 Jenny 사모와 결혼을 했습니다.

이왕우 목사는 목회행정, 통.번역, 편집 기자, 영어 선생 등으로 오랜 세월 훈련을 해 왔으며, 미국과 한국에서 여러 교회 개척 사역에 다기능 사역자로 협력하였습니다. 그는 2013년 11월, 한국 독립교회 및 선교단체 연합회에서 안수를 받았습니다.

이왕우 목사와 Jenny 사모는 서로 만나기 전부터 대만에서 교육과 목회 사역을 할 비전을 가지게 되었으며, 대만 사람들을 위한 사역을 꿈꿔 왔습니다. 그리하여 2016년 2월, 이 부부는 Jenny 사모의 고향인 대만 타오유엔으로 이주하였습니다. 장기적으로 이왕우 목사와 Jenny 사모는 대만 뿐 아니라, 전 세계 많은 나라들에 예수 그리스도의 복음을 전하는 통로가 되길 사모하는 부부입니다.

대만 사람들을 대상으로 사역을 준비하기 위하여 1차적으로 이왕우 목사는 2016년 상반기에 대만 사범대학교의 만다린 언어중심 (어학원)에서 중국어 공부를 했습니다. 비록 6개월이라는 시간이 중국어를 공부하는데 턱없이 부족하지만, 하나님께서는 이왕우 목사와 Jenny 사모를 타이베이에서 영어 사역을 하는 Bread of Life International 교회에서 사역하도록 인도하셨습니다. 2016년 10월부터 2017년 12월까지 Bread of Life International에서 사역을 감당하게 되었고, 2018년에는 거주지인 타오유엔 지역에서 가족, 친구 및 주변 사람들과 1대1 성경공부 사역을 시작하였습니다. 그리고, 그러한 사역 가운데, 하나님의 은혜로 2019년 9월, 대부분 교회를 가 본적도 없는 분들과 함께 주일 공동체를 시작하게 되었습니다.

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Aeminwon Orphanage Aeminwon Orphanage Projects $37,000 raised

최병환 장로님이 6. 25 사변 후 급증하는 고아들의 처참한 생활상을 보면서 유학시절에
감명받았던 보육사업을 상기하여 춘천시 옥천동 자택에서 8명의 전쟁고아를 돌보기 시작하면서 춘천지역에 시설 설립의 필요성을 인식하고 1951년 6월 28일에 애민원을 설립하여 불우한 어린이들의 요람이 되어 현재에 이르고 있습니다. 지금은 부모와 가족으로부터 보호 양육을 받을 수 없는 만 0세에서 만 18세 미만의 아동을 시청을 통해 입소시켜 교육, 의료, 자립지원서비스를 제공하여 사회의 건강한 구성원으로 성장할 수 있도록 보호 양육을 목적으로 하는 아동복지시설로서의 역할을 다하고 있습니다.

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Sharing and Serving Church Sharing and Serving Church Projects 20% of $10,000 raised

We are serving the foreign students who are from Central Asia.  They are studying at UNIST (Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology), and we have been striving to establish a strong relationship with them.

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Cambodia Hope Cambodia Hope Projects $4,565 raised

기독교 인구가 전체의 3%가 않되고 아직도 복음을 한 번도 듣지 못한채 열악한 환경에서 살아가는 그들을 보게 하시고 만나게 하셨습니다. 값없이 받은 하나님의 사랑과 복음을 그들에게 전하고자 선교의 꿈을 갖게 되었습니다. 

그들에게 비와 바람을 막아 줄 처소와 기독교 교육 그리고 굶주린 허기를 채워주며 복음을 전할 수 있는 기회를 주셨습니다.

저에게 선교란 예수님의 마음을 품고 가장 낮게, 겸손하게, 그리고 사랑하며 섬기는 것입니다. 이 소망을 잘 이룰 수 있도록 기도와 관심과 물질의 후원을 부탁합니다.

하나님의 은혜와 축복이 임하시길 바랍니다.

Your support has helped us serve the poor with a Christian population of less than 3% who have never heard the gospel. I had a dream of missionary work in order to convey to them the love and gospel of God that I received without price.

He gave us a chance to preach the gospel, provide shelter from rain and wind, Christian education, and to feed their hunger. 

My mission is to serve Jesus with humility and love. I ask for your prayers and financial support to fulfill this hope. 

May the grace and blessing of God be upon you.


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Mish Mish Individuals $0 raised Give Now

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